{Day 1}

One thing I lack is motivation.  If someone isnt there pushing me to get something done, chances are it will be put aside until I eventually remember to do it, and by then, its usually too late.  Bad.  I know.  I have a hard time with long term commitment, I start out right, but after the excitement and thrill wears off, I loose focus and dont make it much further.

Such as project 365.  I didnt make it but two weeks in, and gave up.  A simple task, such as picking up my camera and taking a single photo everyday was proving daunting.  And I gave up.  So when I agreed to write one post.  Every day of September, something in the bottom of my heart said “You arent gong to finish” but I am determine.  To write.  Atleast one word.  Every darn day of September.

Hold me to it.  Seriously.

Even if its one word.  Im going to write that one word.  Every day.

I also realized that in order to help me reach this goal, I would need help…and provided little intensives for myself (haha Im great).  September is shaping up to be a busy month.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Sort of thing.  But one thing we are doing, is redoing a good portion of our house.

A house that was originally built in the 50’s and updated somewhere in the 60’s, has been neglected for a while.  While were trying to keep the old fashion look, were also going for the not so neglected look.  As a result, we decided to take down some of the old paneling, and put up sheet rock.  We also are doing the floors in a few rooms – and counter tops in the kitchen.

Believe me, it needs done.

So on Wednesday, as mostly just incentive to me to take pictures and write words – I thought I would add this little thing to my blog…and call it Renovation Wednesday.

On Wednesday, Im going to try and put an update on our project (s).

So for week one, the First day of September…I will give a brief overview of where were currently stand:

There used to be a light pink panel on three walls, with wood panel on the other.

Currently it looks like this:

Eventually, the far wall (without drywall as of yet) will be a gray.

The bathroom, which is slightly embarrassing, Im not sure why, is currently gutted.

We were going to go with just the drywall in there – but after thinking about it, we decided to rip up the yellow flooring.  Note the, once again, pink “Tile” on the wall.  This covered a majority of the walls.  Seriously, was pink on sale in the 50’s/60’s?

Eventually the plan is to have black flooring, mostly white walls and an awesome blue counter top that started the whole ordeal.  We are planning to also do counter tops and dry wall in the kitchen as well…when I say we I mostly mean my dad, while we all attempt and get in the way help when we can.

It will be mostly done on weekends and night, due to the business.  But it will get done!  Or will it?

I think I may have overused the words “Currently” and “Eventually.”

What are YOU renovating in your house or life this week?  Any big plans for now or the future?

3 thoughts on “Reno Wednesday: Sept 1st

  1. Tracy says:

    YOU CAN DO IT! Keep a list of post ideas and write them up in advance…you will succeed!

    This week, I am trying to renovate and resurect my scrapbooking desk. It has been neglected for far too long. I love to create with photos, paper, and color – and lately (for about two years!) doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming have been more important. It’s time to change that. I started by putting away completed pages last night. Tonight I am going to get the top of my desk cleared of all things not scrapbooking related!

  2. Sarah says:

    We just renovated our bathroom but it wasn’t this deep. LOL! You can keep up with writing posts. 😀 Looking good so far.

  3. Tina says:

    Yay for the blog-a-thon! I am excited to cheer you on as we do this!! And I love the idea of watching your renovation week to week! I am “renovating” our bedroom by finding the floor under all that laundry!

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