We spent a lot of time this week (or past week I guess) outside trying to paint a little before the summer ends.  I didnt get a lot of time with my camera, because like I said before paint  + cameras dont mix.

Up there?

Dad also started tearing down the old paneling in our dining room and replacing it with sheet rock / drywall whatever the technical term is…I dont know!  Anyway, when he had it all torn up, Tomcat would sit there and stare up.  I dont know WHAT he was looking at, but it must have been interesting.

He doesnt appreciate the house being all torn up, poor kitty.

I had to include this one from our “Fashion shoot” because even when shes goofy…shes still pretty 🙂  The sweater on the other hand, is up for debate!!

Being goofy together (yes I took this one, thus the triple chin look Ive got going!!)

And this one is more for my sister than anyone.  It has a story, that is most likely only funny to us, and would end with “The end” and crickets.  So I wont bore you, but Amanda this is for you.  Your welcome.

What have YOU been up to this week? Anything goofy, crazy or a little bit nuts?

5 thoughts on “Weekly winners: 08-22 – 08-28

  1. Rachael says:

    I love the one in the sweater, it just looks like a picture you’d look at in 20 years and feel all warm and fuzzy and lovey. This week we enjoyed the summer – school hasn’t started here yet, but soon!

  2. Tara R. says:

    Love the perspective on the ladder shot.

    Good luck with the dining room remodel.

  3. Love that ladder shot – what a cool POV. Looks like you’re still having fun, even if the cat isn’t. 😉

    We’ve just been winding down after a month of travel weirdness and such. Getting back into the groove of things and trying to figure out how to get our car fixed. Bleh.

  4. Nise says:

    Good luck with all your remodeling! The ladder shot is awesome and your cat is so… intriguing, for lack of a better word. And the fashion shoot just looks like FUN!!

  5. A Manda says:

    I love the gal in the cowboy hat, both of them actually!

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