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In which I blow myself over

So.  Um.  I did something slightly, I dont know, probably stupid.  I signed up for a September blog-a-thon…in which I will attempt to write something everyday of September…

You can go ahead and throw tomatoes – I know – Its not a good idea for someone like me, to sign up for something like that.

In all honesty, all this will do is encourage me NOT TO WRITE!

I know, I blow myself over with how smart I am sometimes.  But here I am.  Ready and waiting.  Scouring my drafts for ideas, and trying to come up with thirty somewhat decent thoughts or ideas to publish in September.  So far, I plan to participate in all the photo things I want to but never get around to…and try to write on the weekends, and Friday.  Which always see the best of me.


Internets I ask you – What would you (supposing your out there!) want me (supposing you really care) to write about!?!

3 thoughts on “In which I blow myself over”

  1. I care! And support this decision, I have an idea. On one of those afternoons where we happen to be busting with energy and everything is funny -you know the kind- you think up 30 topics for me to write of, and I will think up 30 for you. We will put all of your ideas into a hat, and all of mine into a hat. Everyday I will draw from you hat, and everyday you can draw from mine!

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