Yesterday, mid morning, the electric company was replacing a telephone pole across the street.  No big deal.  Right?  A worker showed up, said that they would be needing to turn the power off for about 45 minutes, and wondered if that would be ok, we thanked him for the heads up, planned a trip to town, and headed out.  About an hour later, we showed up…and the power was, still off!  He showed up, said he was sorry, and that they would have it back on in a minute.  True to his word, 15 minutes later, the power was back on.  We fired everything up, and settled back into our routine, a little late, but all was ok…


The worker showed BACK up.

He said that the pole was proving to be more difficult and they needed to schedule a power outage.  For an additional three hours.  When would we like to do this?

Of course, mom was thinking logical, and since it was a slow day – she said to go ahead and finish it up today.

Amanda and I, however, we angered.

Power outages, scheduled or not, tend to bring out the best in us.

But none the less, the power was out about three minutes later.  And we had no choice but to pack up and head home.  Thankfully the power was still on there.

We were pretty much forced to clean our room, which had a few random explosions in it recently mainly one from the closet that contained all of our “CLOTHES!!” that we always, er, never wear, er, didn’t know we had?

It inspired an impromptu fashion show…and thus I bring you,

Fashion Shoot 2010:

This fine find….A lovely Blake and Manly size XL…

Amanda gasped, and said “I loved this!”  Apparently, she used to love mens extra large sweaters that are NOW ten sizes too big.  When I told her she never wore it before.  Like, ever.  She smelled it, said it didn’t smell like her, but KNEW that she had wore it before.

Take two:

An “Army dress” that has snaps.  Snaps, that will bust open upon moving.  A dress that is too small to wear with anything under it, but inappropriate on its own.  This would be classed under the “I always loved this” category.

A sun hat.  No harm here.  We all need a little sun hat.

Amanda told me that just the other day she tried to pull it on.  She tugged and tugged and tried and tried to get this “A few sizes too small” hat onto her head, before convincing herself that it looked just fine sitting on TOP of her head.

Another Favorite?

Um.  Im not sure WHAT you would call this.

Here we have a “Wool sweater” which was ok.  But.  Hot.  And a mens.  Paired with a skirt, that was too small unless you pulled it ½ way up your stomach and your ready to hit the town!  Just, give me a minute to take this off so I can breath!

Easter Best

Im not sure what.  A dress that someone once loved dearly?  No.  Not really.  A dress that someone gave us, we liked when we were younger and always “Dreamed” about “Growing into it.”  Now?  We still dream of growing into it.  Paired with a childs easter hat and tada!

Have an old favorite shirt?  Wear it!

A shirt that USED to be worn with striped shorts that the elastic long but gave way.  A shirt that was a favorite back in the day, it was all the rage in the 90’s…atleast according to me, that is!

A fashion lovers must have!

Everyone needs a little black dress, or, a little brown dress in this case!

Here you have a brown SILK dress…only…its not so silky anymore.  Its brown in color, shrunken in sizes, and pasty feeling.  Not silky, like it once might have been, perhaps this is what banished it to the closet.  We will never know.

And remember…

When in doubt, always wear a cowboy hat!!!

Thanks for tuning in, we hope you found your true sense of fashion with us!!

Amazing what you can find in your closet when the power goes out.

2 thoughts on “Fashion Shoot

  1. Thanks for stopping at my blog, hope you come back again soon!

    Looks like you two definitely had fun! My brother always used to come up with fun games for power outages when we were kids. Now we just play games on our phones. 😉

  2. Too funny! hey send it in to what not to wear! 🙂 hehehehe!

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