I havent participated in “The happiness project” for a few weeks now, things have been up and down, with loosing our friend, and going out of town, and everything else that is pressing to get done before Summer ends…I just havent had TIME.

Which is what Im happy for this week.  Time.  To be able to do these things.  The ability to do them.

Sunday our church service was held at the lake in memory of our friend who passed away.

We took Parker with us, and after “church” was over, we all ran to the water.  Parker, is, apparently, very afraid of the water…but he held our hands, and wanted us to carry him deeper…he rode the “Giant donut” and kayaks too.  It wasn’t until his dad showed up that he told us Parker is usually too scared to even put his feet in.  But you wouldn’t have known that.

I am happy that we were able to spend that time with him, showing him that the water CAN be fun (and having fun ourselves too!)

I just really want to encourage everyone out there to not take advantage of time.  Time really is just a vapor, and no one, is promised tomorrow.  Take the time TODAY to search out the one thing that matters…which is your salvation.  Of which I am eternally grateful for.

2 thoughts on “Happiness Project: Week 24

  1. Time is so precious. Looks like you had fun.

  2. Leigh says:

    Thanks for the inspirational words.

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