Hello from Oregon, or is it Washington? I dont know anymore. We live like 15 minutes out of Washington, so its hard to remember where we are at any given time!!

Right now, we are at a Library, on the internet (duh) watching the time tick away. So I only have a few minutes to update…

Its been an adventure. Thats for sure. So many things have happened, that I dont even have time to SUMMARIZE everything!!!

I got some really cool pictures at the park this morning, and cant wait to show those! However, those parks are dangerous! I went up the slide, and always seem to get in a fight with those, at the top I caught me head on the bar – which is something I ALWAYS seem to do. Then coming down the stairs (no I didnt slide down – it was wet!) I fell down the stairs…the moral of the story is parks are dangerous, but the shots were so worth the bump on my head!!

The trip down here was “fairly” uneventful. The roads were “mostly” clear, so that is and was good.

So hello from Oregon, Washington, Canada, and Alaska!

Until next time!

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