What originally started out as a “Fun” trip, has turned into something a little more “Fun” than we were all expecting.

As some know, we left on a road trip two weeks ago. We escaped in the early hours of the morning (as we so often do) and headed for the Canadian border, for what we thought, would be another routine trip. We even had the added bonus of Marschel accompanying us for the adventure.

That is, until we found ourselves with problems we didn’t plan for.

Car troubles, money troubles, and to top all of this off: Another delayed ferry.
Yep. You read that right. After the van breaking down in Washington, (twice!!) and spending Valentine’s day in the repair shop, we managed to make it to the border.

This morning though, tragedy came upon our adventure, and a “slight” cramp was place in our schedule.

We sped anxiously to the ferry, ran into the terminal, and received the crushing news: Our ferry was stuck. In Sitka Alaska.

“Is this a joke?” Amanda asked the man standing behind the counter.

The man smiled, smugly, and informed us, rather harshly, that it was no joke.
“Ferry’s stuck. Go away. Come back another day.”

Amanda’s response to this news, was nothing less than we would expect from our dear captain. The man, however, was expecting none of it.

After a mild incident involving flying coffee, angry strings of words, and finally breaking down into sobs and hysterics, we decided that there was nothing more to do, than to reschedule our ferry for Friday.

So here we sit, in a library, logged into Marschel’s laptop, staring out the window into the cold rain. “So close” we think, and yet so, so far.
We realize that this is so little, compared the rest of the world’s problems, and even tragic events that have played out before us. We don’t even want to compare things. But something about being stranded, in a foreign country, locked out, again, and having not enough money to afford such a thing, was enough to send some of us over edge.

The trip itself, hasn’t been that bad.

The ride down to Oregon was great, we had no problems, and the time spent in Oregon was peaceful, relaxing, and very, very enjoyable. Now, I miss Oregon, I miss Alaska too…I even find myself missing places far away where I have never been!! But here? Not here. I don’t miss here at all. In fact I am looking forward to the day when I will be able to miss it…because by that time we will be out of here. Hopefully. There is something stressful and unnerving about being “held hostage” in a foreign country.

Maybe this is just a preparation for returning home where we have been told we have some very large messes to attend to once we get back. I’m not sure. Either way, being stuck in Canada, is NOT a good feeling. Nor is it a good idea (I don’t recommend it to anyone).

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