Were leaving Monday night (or Tuesday morning) for a road trip. Were leaving at an hour, that I personally, think should be illegal. Our ferry leaves at 3:30am. We have to check in at 2:30. Which most likely means my mom will want to leave the house about 1:30. Meaning we will have to be up at about 1am. Which with my sisters “Night before the trip” tradition, we will most likely not be getting ANY sleep, and if we do, well, we will still have the great “Illegal hours” of the morning to deal with.

For the love of a road trip.

I don’t know where we are going, infact, we really don’t know where we are going. To Oregon they say. And away we go. To California! and we are gone.

Last time, we ended up in Nevada, in the middle of summer. This time? Were going through Canada – in the middle of winter.


We are so bright it almost blinds me sometimes.

We plan to be back the 16th.

See you then!

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