My sister and I went for a walk this morning, because they have been calling for 95 mile winds for the next few days, and we didn’t feel like blowing away this afternoon if the winds decided to show up. Anyways, it was a little cold, and foggy, but it gave the pictures a different spin. The one thing that really irritates me, is the fact that Nik wont or cant, capture the fullness of the picture, I guess its just being there.

Anyways, I have a few thoughts rumbling around for this weekend, but I wanted to share some pictures…

None of them are really that great.

First, lets take a look at that Slimmy girl:


TweetyWalk 009“Come on, I know Ive seen it happen before…OPEN!”

Walkp2 005Not the greatest shot, I admit, but I loved how the background faded out.

Walkp2 006There she is!

Now the scenic shots:

Walkp2 007Again, not the greatest shot, but you can see the fog.

Walkp2 008We thought the fog looked funny – in a straight line.

Walkp2 009 It looked almost, out of place?

Walkp2 011

Walkp2 021

heartCan you see the forming of a heart in these last three photos?
I didnt see it until I was editing them.

Walkp2 030Someone tell me – Just WHAT was going on in this picture??

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