He graduated from Ketchikan High school in 2001, and began his career at Carriage Works shortly after.

Since then he has become Dwayne’s right hand man.
He is the best employee we have ever had, and most likely ever will have.

There is nothing he is afraid to do. Getting dirty does not bother him.
He will try everything, at least once. Well, not everything, but most things.

Once starting a task, he will follow it to the end. He doesn’t give up, and sticks with it. Just look at his being at Carriage Auto, for over seven years. Now that takes endurance!

If you’re looking for a good employee?
Don’t look at Klingle.

He’s ours!

He’s BETTER than a brother,
more than a friend,
and isn’t in the class as any other employee

He will do anything for you. Well, except jump off a cliff, perhaps.

He is the one and only…Klingle.




Here is a story from many years ago.

Maybe five years ago.


It is a tale from when the girls and Klingle were much younger than they are now.


Christmas Tree, oh Christmas tree

Once upon a time, there were two girls.

One hot day in July, these girls were bored.

“Let’s go have some fun,” one said to the other.

Off they went in search of fun. They didn’t have to search too far.

Klingle’s house

Klingle’s house happened to be in the right place at just the right time. The girls decided to pay him a visit.

They knocked on his door, but no one answered. Since no one appeared to be home, the girls decided to leave.



A Christmas Tree

As the girls were leaving, however, they spotted a tree.

Right outside Klingle’s house lived a tree. This was not just any ol’ tree. This was a Christmas tree. A LIVE Christmas tree decorated with Christmas lights.

They girls surveyed the situation. This was a wonderful tree, but something was missing. What could it be?

As the girls pondered these thoughts, the sun began to go down over the mountain. There was no light shining from the tree. “That’s it!!” the girls realized that the Christmas lights were not plugged in!

“Klingle must have forgotten to plug the lights in.” The girls reasoned. They decided to help him out. They would spread some early Christmas cheer.

Here is what they did.

They set to work. There were no extension cords to be found, and there were no outlets close enough. That however, was no problem for the girls. Ever resourceful, they hunted around his property.

“Here is a cord!” The girls spotted an extension cord. It was tangled into a braid of sorts.

The girls accomplished two things that evening.

#1 They plugged his lights in.
#2 They untangled the braided cord.

After lighting up the dancing Christmas lights, the girls admired the flashing red green and yellow lights.

They were certain it was a job well done. They turned and skipped off down the road, giggling, and chattering, wondering how Klingle would react to such a surprise.




The next morning the girls were awakened by the answering machine.

It was a message from Klingle. He sounded angry.

“I hope you know I am getting ticked off and I am about ready to get the cops involved.”

Mom sighed as the message ended. “What did you girls do to him this time?” she asked, as though she already knew the girls had been up to no good.

“But mom we were just bringing some Christmas cheer to him…”
It was that day that the girls learned that Klingle did not appreciate the lights.



Who to Blame?

The night before, Klingle’s father had come home and seen the lights.

Klingle’s father had blamed him for this mishap. “Why did you use that extension cord?” he had asked angrily “It is old and is a fire hazard.”

“I didn’t do it!” said Klingle.

Klingle’s brother was also angry.

Klingle’s brother had blamed him for unwinding the extension cord. “That cord took me a long time to wind up. It was a work of art and you unwound it!” His brother was angry.

“I didn’t do it!!” said Klingle.

He was still blamed.

After that day, the girls were put on “probation.” They had to stay away from Klingle’s house. They had strict visitation limits for his house until they proved themselves worthy.

They were also given a strict rule of NEVER EVER touching Klingle’s tree again.

The girls steered clear of Klingle’s house after that.

And to this day, Klingle’s tree still stands at the corner.

Now days however, it is quite neglected.

The girls pay it no attention.




{Originally posted Nov. 2008 – on our business blog}

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