Today we left on a trip…

That seems to be one of the funniest statements between my sister and I. An inside joke, the only line that seems to show up when we try to write about our travels.

I thought I would post some pictures, and illustrate our trip. Give you a “Visual” a virtual trip…if you will.

But first, a few words.

My grandpa paid me, perhaps one of the biggest compliments anyone ever could have – telling me that I was a good writer – I write, my sister edits, and we have a website for our business / personal life. More than anything I want to be a photographer / writer. The only thing is, you have to actually be GOOD at it to do it, and something tells me, Im just not. Ive kind of given up on it…I havent really wanted to write anything, and taking pictures is something that now only makes me angry, because I know they can be so much better, but I cant get them to turn out. Then I wonder what I would be doing for God, is there anyway I can serve Him, and I realize that no, if I cant even keep my anger in check, then being a positive witness, my life actually showing something positive for Him, then maybe…

Well. The other night, I was having really bad thoughts. Thinking maybe I should quit “Claiming” to be a child of God’s. After all, all I do is give a bad testimony to His name, and that’s the last thing I want to do, but the last thing I think of when I get angry.

I know God is trying to teach me something, I know that He has a plan for my life, not that I understand it, but I believe it. I have given my life over to him, hundreds of times, but I keep taking it back…

I know also that if it is Gods will, it will happen, and nothing will prevent it from happening…but I have a hard time believing that He has a plan, a purpose for my life. After all, why would He?

Ive just been having some really weird thoughts lately…people keep talking about the world ending, and I keep wondering if Im really saved, have I “Done enough” that one verse that continually pops into my mind is that one that when you come face to face with Christ he will say “Depart from me I never knew you”. It scares me. So much. Because I know I have done nothing to deserve anything but hell…I wish sometimes I could really talk to someone!! About this…but everyone knows me as a professed believer, and I think that if I ask questions…people start to question, which maybe isn’t a bad thing…I don’t know. I really don’t know!!!

But enough with my thoughts…lets take a trip, how bout we?

We drove through Canada…

CanadaOregonNevada 017

and into Washington / Oregon.

CanadaOregonNevada 129

Something about these talls buildings excite me. 

CanadaOregonNevada 862

…the same thing with these over-passes…

CanadaOregonNevada 129

 I was trying to get creative with these next pictures…

I thought the rain drops, green and light pink were pretty…

CanadaOregonNevada 040

This would have been a nice picture, had it turned out how I wanted it to!!

CanadaOregonNevada 255

This one was kind of cool, I thought…

CanadaOregonNevada 323

I thought my sister looked cute here…

(She would disagree!)

CanadaOregonNevada 405

Neighbor cat stopped by for a photo op

CanadaOregonNevada 297

We also went to Nevada…

Where we spent the day cooking in the heat…

“I went to Nevada, and all I got was this lousy sun burn”

CanadaOregonNevada 521

This pretty much sums Nevada up:

Dry, Hot, with sage brush. 

CanadaOregonNevada 530

The night we went to the Oregon Coast:

It was such a tease to me.  The scenery was so goregous, I ran around trying to capture the moment…

These pictures dont even come close.

CanadaOregonNevada 711

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand,
or with a breath of his hand marked off the heavens?
Who has held the dust of the earth in a basket,
or weighed the mountains on the scales
and the hills in a balance?

– Isaiah 40:12

CanadaOregonNevada 727

We went back the next day, while it was sunny.

I learned how to take pictures of the sand…

and successfully block out faces.

CanadaOregonNevada 755

I thought moms skirt was beautiful with the ocean and sky

CanadaOregonNevada 765

Oregon Coast

CanadaOregonNevada 772

We built a sandcastle…

I told my sister I think we were the only ones, our age, playing in the sand!

CanadaOregonNevada 844

It was a fun trip, but there isnt anything quite like being home!

beachocean 009

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