The days leading up to our wedding were more chaotic than most days!

My sister and her family arrived, which was no small feat, considering they are from England and there was a very real possibility they’d be turned away at the border. Then there were multiple showers to attend. Andrew showed up, his people slowly started to trickle in, decor needed to happen, licenses obtained, hair and dress appointments to be had, food prep…the list goes on and on.

To be completely honest, as hard as I tried to “slow down and enjoy” the process, all I really remember is being over the moon excited. In fact, I’m pretty sure Amanda was more anxious about everything than I was, and for good reason. She put so much work into making things look perfect -I couldn’t have asked for a better day and all of it went down amazingly, thanks to her.

Not only did she put together all the decorations as well as the flowers and arrangements, she decided last minute that we needed an arbor -and got to work arranging for dad to build one. We built, painted and assembled said arbor the day before the wedding.

On top of all the wedding shuffle, we tried to fit in time with family and friends before everyone scattered again. A family meal was no small feat!

Andrew had sent off to have a custom cake topper made for us. It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever:

We wanted to incorporate his job into the wedding as much as possible, so he brought his fire helmet from home to be part of the decor and photos

Amanda made all the flower bouquets -from scratch. From the boutonnieres to the decor flowers and everything in between. She did an AMAZING job. Every flower you see in any pictures was custom made by her. I 10/10 recommend her services!

The sunflowers arrived:

I’m still kinda amazed at how they went from buckets of flowers to amazing bouquets, but she is a flower whisperer!

We didn’t have a ring pillow, so Andrew put his mad sewing skills to work and made this custom pillow.

Almost ready to go!

We pretty much broke all the “Traditional” superstitious rules that you are supposed to follow and had a family meal together the morning of our wedding

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