I have been a terrible person! I have gone an entire MONTH without blogging –and not JUST that, but an entire month while on vacation without blogging. I don’t even know what to say! But it isn’t for lack of material –you see, about two weeks ago my friend from Alaska flew into England. She is here for a month and while she has been here, we have done everything possible to fill every moment with excitement. That means that by the end of the day there is very little brain power to pull together a blog post (more on that later).

Then last week her and I took off on one of the most amazing adventures of all time: A road trip through IRELAND! I know, and I haven’t even blogged once.

So to make up for that –here is a brief rundown.

But first….our CUTE car!


Day 1:

Dublin. We flew to Dublin, rented a car and made it to our first house. Then we hopped on a train and went to visit the Dublin Castle –at night! Creepy and awesome all rolled into one.

Dublin Castle by Night

Dublin Castle by Night

Day 2:

Cork. We drove from Dublin to Cork. In one day. Something that the locals tell us is a very long journey. Something that we can agree with! It was supposed to take us four and ½ hours –and ended up taking nine. Nine hours of driving. On the wrong side of the road. On the wrong side of the car. It was a long day! A beautiful day, but long. We slept hard that night!

Day 3:

Galway. A less stressful and less intense day for sure! We saw some AMAZING things: Cliffs of Moher had to be on the top! We also stopped at a castle (Bunratty Castle). It was a beautiful drive. Ireland is SO pretty and the people are so nice.

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle








Found my house…now just need to find a roof!

See?  I fit perfectly!

See? I fit perfectly!


Random drinking fountain!


Cliffs of Moher:





Day 4:

Drumsna. Sheep. Sheep. Sheep. Have to stop laughing about the sheep! There were sheep in the middle of the road –which cracked me up. Sheep on the side of the road, middle of the road –sheep, sheep, sheep! We also saw another castle and the Kylemore Abbey –impressive from the outside, but not so much on the inside!



I was 'talking' to these guys -calling them with my donkey call "Heehawww" and they both came running so we called them "He and Haw"

I was ‘talking’ to these guys -calling them with my donkey call “Heehawww” and they both came running so we called them “He and Haw”

Me with "He" and "Haw"

Me with “He” and “Haw”

Aughnanure Castle

Aughnanure Castle




…and that is where we are today! Just outside of Drumsna, awaiting tomorrow’s big adventure!

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