So since a road trip through Ireland was pretty much a number one on my to-do-list, I figured I would go back and fill in the details for the week.

We left the UK bright and early.  After a few scares along the way -with the motorway being closed, and Morgan being sick.  Our flight was also delayed by a few hours, but once we arrived the fun really began.  We made it through customs (after being questioned about our novel sized literary), and made our way to the car rental company.  After a brief scare involving them trying to give us a manual car instead of an automatic, we made our way to the first house we were staying at.

Before we left, I had booked us in at a variety of different houses along the way, using our new favorite site: airbnb.

Once we arrived and met our hosts -we hopped a train to downtown Dublin.  We took off walking in the general direction of where what we thought was right.  We didn’t really have a destination in mind but figured we would at least try to find the Dublin Castle.  After getting lost a few times, we popped into a fancy hotel to ask for directions.  The man shook his head “You are a good 45 minute walk away” he advised.  “It isn’t even on this map!” he continued.

He pointed us towards a few places close by and we took off…but on the way we discovered that the Dublin Castle WAS in fact, on the map -and it didn’t appear to be 45 minutes away.  We walked for maybe 15 minutes -and stumbled into….The Dublin Castle!

Since it was dark, the castle looked especially creepy -and everything was closed.  We walked around the gardens -scaring and being scared by others who were also wandering the grounds late at night…we got back later that night took a wrong turn and got a little mixed up finding the place we were staying.  After consulting Morgan’s phone, we found our way  back -and continued on our real adventure the next morning.

Waiting at the train station, weathering the chilly air in our fat face apparel and shades:

12063017_397997740398236_1619225120_nWe were here


Yay for blurry images!


See?  I was there!


It was really weird how it was all built up with office like buildings on the outside -there were also buildings on the inside of the castle that were painted weird colors like purple and blue.


Creepy tree


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