So about two weeks ago I bought a few cheap planters and some seeds.

I don’t have a green thumb. In fact, it is more of a brown thumb. The only seeds that I have had a part in growing were some seeds I planted with my sister –we planted them, left the containers upstairs for a few weeks –forgot about them, and they bloomed. Those flowers lasted for a long, long time. They came back year after year. We even froze them, threw them, replanted them and those plants never died.

Everything else? Has been unsuccessful in growing. I have killed many plants, yet my favorite plant still is the fake plant. Regardless. I bought some planters, put in some rocks, some soil –and finally, some seeds. We had a stretch of really sunny weather –which I thought was just perfect. I watered them. Doted on them. Watched them. Looked at them. Every day I went outside hoping to see some green sprouts –and nothing.

After a week and ½ I decided I had killed the seeds.

See?  No seeds.

See? No sprouts.

We had some rain, some more sun, and some more rain. I ignored the seeds.

Until today…

I decided to brush the top of the soil to see if maybe it was too hard. And when I did…out popped a green sprout. Then another. Then another. And another.

Sprouts!  Baby sprouts!

Sprouts! Baby sprouts!

By the time I went inside I had discovered four sprouts in each pot.

…and then I decided to water them, and hope that I don’t over water them and have enough patience for them to grow fully. Because seeds! Sprouts! Flowers!



One thought on “…and they are off!

  1. RoSy says:

    Like magic!

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