This is almost unheard of around these parts.  Six days of clear weather.  70’s -in May.  Normally we wait until the middle of June / July to get our sunny weather, but I’m not complaining.  The past week has been sun, sun and more sun!

These two have been enjoying it:


The doors to the office have been open, and the dogs have enjoyed wandering in and out.  Yoshi sticks around but Siren and her long legs take off and she disappears in seconds flat.  She usually runs off to find water to play in.

Tonight I was doing some burning and didn’t want the fire to get out of control so had the hose running.  Since it has been dry for so long there aren’t any puddles around.  Miss Siren loves her some puddles.  She spotted to hose and went wild.  I picked it up and this happened…

Wait for it…






I love Yoshi in the background -she really doesn’t understand why Siren likes to stick her head in the water.  Just for the record I wasn’t spraying her, I was holding the hose -she was sticking her head in the water.


She enjoys the weather in different ways.

Such as when I looked out the window to see two blonde flashes go by on the back hill.  Siren (who is skilled in running, climbing and dancing dangerously close to cliff edges) had somehow convinced Yoshi (who is not skilled in these areas) to go with her!  It took her a bit longer to get down but I was happy to see she had went out and was playing.

Regardless…Here is to summer!


{that was my fault – I made her look directly in the sun.  Woopsie!}

One thought on “Sun, Run and Fun!

  1. RoSy says:

    Awww…Nice to see the pooch.🐶
    In May we still were experiencing some ccccchilly days. I think although it’s summer – we’re starting to finally feel spring.

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