It’s spring today!  Finally!  I’ve been waiting for spring for a very long time now.  Take last weekend for example when I got the brilliant idea that spring had come early, and took mom for a walk around the lake.  It snowed.  It was cold.  But I was desperate for spring -and so we walked, snow and all.  I have been looking forward to spring all year long, and today -it is finally, officially here!

Although I would have to say that if I were to pick a day that spring officially started it would have been yesterday -when it was sunny.  Today it is raining.  Which is typical really, for spring here.  But spring is here.  Flowers are out.  Sun is not.  But spring, my friends -has sprung!


One thought on “Spring!

  1. RoSy says:

    By now…Happy Summer! 😀

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