It’s always hard to find the right words when a trip comes to an end.  It’s something that I struggle with every time.  I don’t like saying good-bye, no matter how much awesomeness might lay ahead…saying goodbye is always hard.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I for one -have had an amazing trip.  We drove at least 1200 miles -not including the detours, trips, backtracking, or day trips.  1200 miles on the wrong side of the road, on the wrong side of the car -just two months after I got my license.  I think I have put more miles on this side of the road than I have on the normal side!

We have seen some amazing places, some breathtaking views, made memories for a lifetime, and really had an amazing time.  Honestly?  I don’t think this trip could have gone any better if we tried.  We packed everyday to the brim with new and exciting things.  In once sense, it was good -doing as much as possible in as little time as possible.  But in another way -it wasn’t.  Because the time went SO fast.

We stopped at every point possible -and spent the night in 12 different locations along the way.  It took a lot of planning, but I managed to reserve 12 different houses/motels along the way for our trip.  We stayed in everything from old motels with holes in the wall to brick mansions with servants rooms.

We have seen desert and ocean, farms and forests.

While we have really only covered a relatively small area (when you consider just how big Australia is!) it was amazing.

It’s hard to sum the trip up, hard to say what was the best part, hard to say where it started and where it ended and hard to say good-bye when it feels like it just started.  But like every other time, it’s not good-bye -it’s see you later, because while Australia has been put on the “Done” list -it is definitely on the return list as well.

Until next time….

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

One thought on “Hooroo, Australia

  1. RoSy says:

    So nice that you got to go to Australia!

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