We spent a majority of the day driving today.  Not too many amazing stops along the way, although we were in a bit of a hurry and didn’t feel like stopping too much since it was seriously hot!  Once we got to Victor Harbor -we went to check out Penguin Island (Granite Island) to see if we could see any penguins.  Three years ago when David and Amanda were down here, they referred to the island as Penguin Island -they never saw any penguins and we were determined to have better results this time.

We spent a good 5 minutes debating over whether this was a penguin or not:


We were really close to calling it a penguin (we were desperate!)…

I am NOT a penguin!

I am NOT a penguin!

But then he flew off.  And even for our imaginations -a flying penguin just seemed a bit much.


We circled the rest of the Island in hopes of finding a penguin…to no avail.


At least the views were nice.



Aside from the wildlife, we spotted a few wild nuts…

DSC_0710But no penguins.




One thought on “Day 18: Robe – Victor Harbor

  1. RoSy says:

    Hi there.
    Nice pix.
    I think it’s a penguin bird. 😊

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