Our stops at night this trip have been a combination of motels and houses from airbnb.  Our preference has quickly become staying in an airbnb, since not only do you get a bigger place to stay, you get personal recommendations from the people who you stay with, and the wi-fi works much better!

Last night we stayed in a motel after doing a stretch of airbnb’s.  I guess you can say we had been spoiled, because our motel last night while clean, wasn’t up to date at all and had a lot wrong with it.  We were pretty happy to leave it behind…

This morning we had cut it close for check out, I was talking with mom while we were loading the car up so wasn’t paying any attention to anything going on around me (which is probably good!!).  After we were mostly loaded up, I jumped in and started the car.  David was putting Judah in his seat when he started casually mentioning that there was a “Pider.”  I thought he was just messing with us, stalling for more time until David jumped back yelling.

This is what he saw:

Picture thanks to David.  Amanda and I were not about to get that close, not even for a photo!

Picture thanks to David. Amanda and I were not about to get that close, not even for a photo!

Amanda and I very much dislike spiders, so seeing a spider that was about 5 inches around THAT close was too much.  Having no idea how long he had been there, where he came from and KNOWING that I was JUST leaning over him?  Well…lets just say it was a scary moment for us all.

While Amanda and I went to check out, David planned how to rid the car of the spider.  Some well meaning by standard came over to help out by tossing a towel at the spider -making it scurry under the wheelbase of the car.  We didn’t want to drive the car with a spider that big, that close so went to the car wash to try and spray him out -to no avail.

Having no other options, we convinced ourselves that he was most likely, probably gone.  And took off down the road.

“Now if you see him, just scream, ok?” Amanda warned.

“No.  We will not scream.  If I see the spider I will tell you to pull over so we don’t get killed.” David wisely cautioned.

About 20 minutes later, driving down the main road I saw hairy legs wiggling down the driver side window.  Thankfully there was a parking spot right next to where we were, and I was able to pull over and didn’t have to crash the car.  David then put an end to all the spidery nonsense.

The rest of the day was fairly uneventful as far as spiders go!!!

We visited a few things in Mount Gambier, like the Blue Lake (Which was amazingly blue!), another smaller lake -and then made the drive to Robe where we spent the afternoon on the beach.

Blue Lake: DSC_0564

It’s no mystery where it got it’s name!


We have spent a lot of our trip asking this question, a very fitting shirt!


The beach.  It reminded me of Italy.



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