So, hi! It’s been a while since I have actually had a moment to let the thoughts assemble. Mom got me a book for Christmas this year that was something along the lines of “Falling leaves” she said the name reminded her of my blog, which in turn reminded me of my blog. Ah yes, hello little abandon space!

It really is hard for me to believe that this year is coming to a close – and so quickly. I’m actually not sure what I am more surprised about – the fact that December is almost over, or that 2014 is almost over. It’s a close call.

My shopping wars didn’t end with my last post. One of my packages was delivered to the post office, signed and accepted by a complete stranger. It took until today for someone to track them down. While I was surprised that they had actually FOUND the package – I was still not impressed that it got send off with a stranger to begin with.

I had the name of the person who signed for my package and did my best to get in contact with them –calling, facebooking, etc. In the end the post office didn’t know what happened, where my package went or why it took twice as long to get to me.


I took my driving test a few weeks ago – and failed. I was instructed to parallel park – on a hill. I did it, but I hit the curb three times in the process. Everyone I talk to says that either I shouldn’t have been told to parallel park on a hill, or should have been allowed to hit the curb. In fact, more than one person told me that in order to parallel park –you hit the curb.

I re-took my test on Christmas eve and passed! She told me I did a number of different things ‘perfect.’ The instructor is someone who drives a hard bargain, so to not only pass but have her say I did ‘perfect’ was something I wasn’t expecting! Mom and I had a bit of a ‘squeal out’ in the car and then called Amanda to get her squeals in too.

Today I took a drive (with Yoshi!) to collect my package mentioned above. It was the first time I drove solo (although technically it was with Yoshi, so I wasn’t really alone!!).


Mom left yesterday to go over and see Amanda and to help celebrate Mr. Judah’s 3rd birthday! When we got to the airport they gave me a mini panic attack when they said she wasn’t going. The reason? Her name was messed up. I had accidentally put her first name as her first, and her first name as her last. Since she was flying internationally – this was a problem. I called the company I booked through who told me to call the airport.

After explaining I was AT the airport – he continued to tell me to call the airport and was no help. I called back about ten times – and he was the only one answering the phones.

The local airlines couldn’t change it because it wasn’t their ticket. The airlines worker called the connecting flight airlines, who because the company I booked through was being no help, changed the name even though he wasn’t supposed to.

Talk about a close call!


Hope you had a Merry Christmas!




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