A few days before I came home, we spent five days in Germany – with no internet, and limited cell service.  We were, you could say, unplugged for about five days.  While we didn’t do that much, it is a trip that will forever be in my top 10 trips.  I forced myself to write a page of words each day to recap the day, and since I didn’t do any blogging about the trip – decided to share about it this way.



Dropped my passport, sun shining through the clouds, green fields and trees, church bells, playing ball, sweeping with Phil, cheap airport coffee, slow moving people, TSA stealing baby food, uncle Peter chasing the kids with sweets, humor, crowded planes, buses, tiny back seats in cabs, Mickey the cat, the language, the tone, tiny windows, the way Germany looks and the inability to compare it to anywhere else.



Old buildings, cobblestone roads, ally ways, church buildings, bus ride, green fields, talking with Judah, memories from Aunti Di, Peter’s cooking, everything in German, stories, grocery store, walking, remembering, wishing, hoping, dreaming, realizing, so much thinking, taking pictures, the good food, the mustard, the house that Judah wants to build, older church, laughing, relaxing, watching the time fly, holding on to so much – yet realizing we must let go, and once again – dreaming.



The view, plums, tzatziki, windmills, evening sun, the ATM, tractors, bells all hours of the day and night, the great pickle from Judah, the hug from Phil, cute little euros, German TV, rocks, getting up late, Peter’s pudding and Judah’s reaction, reading, visiting, the head massager, life, death, flowers, wine, fire house, photography, clovers, wheat, golden hour, teasing, laughing, time flying by, one week, jam, carry on luggage, mustard, Mickey, conversations, Caillou, thinking, planning…



Buchen, cards, bus, lunch, visiting, smell of rotten plums, car ride, visiting with Robin & family, German/English translate, coffee, how hot the park was, the park, the seesaw with everyone on it, Australia, talking about family, the ride home, more visiting, sad to leave, apple pinching, telling stories, sharing memories, late night table talks, early bed times, summer days, living, loving, hoping, praying, thinking, dreaming, wishing and planning.



The farm, the animals, smells, kids, corn, carrots, sheep, goats, peacocks, sharing, packing, luggage, “Too much luggage”, saying good-bye, waving, the cab ride, McDonalds, the bus, the driver, the delays, running, TSA, car seat, airlines, lines, empty plane, heading home, late night, happy to be back.

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