I’ve been home a week. Every year that I come home, there is one question that every single person I run into asks. It’s not planned (as far as I know) but it’s weird how there is always one question that everyone asks. This year? The question is “Was it hard to come back?” The answer? Yes. Yes it was hard to leave. It was hard to come back. And to answer the question of the one person who asked “Was it really? Really really hard?” Yes. It was hard. Times a few million. But it doesn’t change anything. I had to come back, I needed to come back, I am back. Welcome back, me.


It’s officially fall here. Look:


See? Rain. And more rain. And build a boat because we got even more rain! 10 inches in 2 days. Or something around about like that. So yea, it’s been rainy. It’s been fall. I hate fall. Mainly because it means winter is coming. And while winter itself isn’t terrible (because it means spring is coming!!!) I hate fall. Because it means winter is coming, and summer is over, and I kind of love me some summer.


I got my drivers permit before I left. And started driving when I got back home last week. I am slowly attempting to master all those complicated things: Intersections, red lights, corners, not taking out the curb every time I leave the post office – you know, the usual?


Today was a really…weird day. Did anyone else experience this? Everyone I called/talked to/ran into – was in a seriously good mood. In that, every vender I called to order parts from, were extremely helpful and friendly. I got my tasks done in an hour flat, when normally it takes me about an hour per problem. This meant I had time to go to town and finish some writing.

When I got to the restaurant/wifi location, I was expecting some flax about staying too long etc. But the waiter was really nice (and even let me change tables a few times so I could get the right outlet). I’m not complaining, I’m just wondering – was it just here, or was it a worldwide “Be nice!” kind of day? And can we have these days more often?


I don’t promise to be back with interesting stories. But I’m back. At least, I’m back in Alaska.  Where it rains 10 inches in two days, where curbs jump out of nowhere, where random people are randomly nice, and the views are breathtaking – no matter how many times you see them.

2 thoughts on “I’m Baaaaack

  1. Tonya says:

    We could use some of that rain down in California. 😉 I can’t believe how big your nephew has grown. And I love all the pics of Europe, I’ve never even been close. I don’t comment often enough because it’s a pain to comment from my phone, but just wanted to say hi. So…Hi!

    1. Christina Harman says:

      I know how hard it is to comment, so persevering and commenting from your phone (!!) means a lot 🙂 Hi to you too, and if I get a chance – I will send some of this rain your way – we have more than enough!

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