I know we got off to a bad start.  With our high expectations and what not.  I know we called you some not so nice names, and swore up and down we would never return to your horrible country side, without any nice beaches.


But now that we are hours away from boarding a plane and leaving you behind with all the memories we made here the past week, I’m thinking back over some of those memories we made, and wishing we had more than a week.  We were just starting to warm up to you – no puns intended.


While there were definitely some moments that were less than stellar, there were some moments that stood out.  Moments like when we came into our room and didn’t realize it had been cleaned, and instead thought we were robbed.


The bike rides, the hot sun, the swimming everyday.


Most times when it comes to traveling, the thrill of a new place adds to the excitement of a new place.  The not knowing what to expect, not knowing what you will see, not knowing what you will discover next.  But with you, Greece, we KNEW what to expect – except that apparently, we didn’t.


And while you may not have provided us with the images in our mind – you provided us with something different.  A careful understanding that expectations when traveling to a new place – are not always a good thing.  That having an open mind is a great way to learn new things, and experience different places.  And of course – you tossed in some random beauty as well – Because whats Greece if not beautiful?


Thanks for the great time.  Sure, it was different – but now that it is over, we are left wanting more and are sad to leave.  I must admit, there for a while, you turned me off of traveling, but now?  You have inspired me to travel more – and find the beauty hidden within.

Until we meet again!

2 thoughts on “Good-Bye, Greece

  1. Vasilis Caravitis says:

    Even for us Greeks, Greece is sometimes unbearable, but when it comes to Greece’s natural beauties, it’s different. But you have to work to discover Greece’s beauties; and to be patient. I take photos only in Greece and can assure you that, proper planning and organizing your trip can afford you immense pleasure.

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