We leave tomorrow.  Bright and early.  Although not as early as today.

Today we got up early in hopes on finding one last hidden gem in this place.  We had heard there was a town about an hour away that sounded interesting.  But not wanting to get stuck on a bus with no AC (because as they say here “Its not hot!!”) in the middle of the day – we decided to get up early, and catch the first bus out at 7am.  The plan was really quite simple.  Too simple.  Get up early, spend a few hours in the town – then head home before noon.

Everything was going smoothly.  We packed the night before, were at the bus stop in plenty of time, and even managed to catch the right bus.

This in and of itself is a task worthy of mention – it normally takes a good few hours to get everyone out of a place.  We even managed to ‘pack light’ since we were only going for a few hours.

We jumped on the bus, found our way to the very last row, sat down and off we went.

All of that is worthy of mentioning because of a certain little somebody.

The place we stayed is very coastal.  The roads are narrow, with sharp corners.  In the back of the bus you get the worst of it, almost in a double sense since the rear of the bus fish tails around the corners making it impossible to keep up.  David and Amanda both mentioned not feeling so hot, when it happened.  Judah got sick.

Since we ‘packed light’ there were no spare clothes.  For anyone.  The bus finally stopped 30 minutes later.  But now we had an even bigger problem.  With no spare clothes, the sun would be coming out in full strength in a few hours.  We walked around, but couldn’t find the town center and decided it wasn’t worth it to get burnt, especially since Judah was now only wearing his diaper.

The ride home went smoother, and we finished off our final day at the beach.

Sure, we got off to a rough start.  But leaving Greece is going to be sad.  As always, until we meet again…


4 thoughts on “Greece: Day 7

  1. RoSy says:

    Poor Judah. Hope he’s feeling better by now.

    1. CJ Harman says:

      He is – it was a quick recovery. Car sick, or bus sick I guess I should say!

  2. Next time you visit Greece make sure to rent a car, as public transport is quite erratic and not too comfortable.

    1. Christina says:

      Yes! If we go back (which we plan to!) a rental car is on the list!

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