I have a confession to make.  I honestly dont know what happened.  Somewhere between….two weeks ago and today, time got lost.  I missed a few days here and there.  The whole “Coming back from an awesome place” and trying to get back to the day to day stuff, and a cold – and things kind of….I dont know, guess got lost!  Im trying to do better – but cant make any promises.

Monday, 28

Happy Birthday me!  And our last and final day in Portugal.  Good-bye Portugal.

28Tuesday, 29

29Wednesday, 30


Skipping over April 31st and into…

Thursday, May 1


Friday, May 2 (Skipped)

Saturday, May 3: We went to London.  I love the tower bridge for reasons unknown.


May 4, Sunday (Skipped, um, again!) Mom and dad left to go home.

May 5, Monday


May 6, Tuesday – Spent the morning at the park with this little nut.


May 7, Wednesday – The starting of a cold.  But not willing to give in completely….


May 8, Thursday – Until today.

May 9, Friday – Two pictures to make up for the lack of pictures.


91May 10, Saturday


One thought on “Week 19/20: The Inbetween

  1. RoSy says:

    I know what happened…
    You were livin’ it up & enjoying life.
    Happy Birthday & keep on livin la vida in the most fabulous ways ever.

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