Sunday: We took off on a 12+ hour journey across the way to see Amanda and David and Judah.

Monday: We arrived!  Yay!  Not even an hour after arriving at their place, we headed off on a “Blue bell” walk.  They love their blue bell flowers here, and when they come out – everyone LOVES to walk through them.


Tuesday: with less than a few hours of sleep under our belts, we woke up at 2am and headed for the airport to go to Portugal!  Davids mum who was also traveling with us, was so excited for this trip she had been loosing sleep over it!


Wednesday: Was technically our second day, but was also our first FULL day in Portugal.


Thursday: Day 3.  Perfection. 


Friday: Was a fun filled day at the beach.  Complete with swimming, and beaches.  Day 4.


Saturday: More sun. More fun.  More beach. More flowers.  Day 5.


Sunday: Looking back, this was probably the peek of the trip.  We rode our bikes down to the marina early that morning, returned them and then went on a boat tour of the caves.  When we were finished, we really didnt know what to do with ourselves.  This was pretty much the most amazing week leading up to the most awesome day – and we didnt really know how to top it, but still had one day left to go! Day 6.


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