I have always had a thing with jeans.  It seems I can never, underline that, NEVER get a pair that actually fit me.  It would seem I am an odd size, although I have found the random few pairs that I love to death, and they die a horrible sad slow death and I feel as though I should bury them because they were just THAT good.  But that is rare.  Most times I am tripping over the bottoms of them, cutting the bottoms off, or rolling them up so much that I look like I have some weird abscess growing at the bottom of both my legs.  The cold truth is – My jeans never fit right.

Its not like I have high standards for them – I just like them to fit!  And not look like granny jeans, or like I really REALLY need to loose 100 pounds.  Im on the shorter side, so that certainly doesn’t help things any – because most of the jeans are just about an inch or two too long – meaning that I am really, just an inch or two too short.

About a week after I got home, the back side of my jeans gave out.  How and why I will never know.  I will just forever be thankful they waited until I was HOME and not on the airplane, but all that is aside, and I began the long, tedious search for the perfect pair of jeans.  There is one brand that you can get in town – a brand that I do like, but costs upwards of $70.  I like to get them off eBay, and since I know the brand and size that works for me – its usually not that difficult.  But it would seem that every single person who is my size (or atleast wants my sized jeans) has worn their lovelies to an end as well – because there were none to be found.

So I had to broaden my horizon and look at OTHER brands in hopes that I could find another true love.  Finally I found a pair that fit the criteria in that they didn’t cost me an arm and leg, they looked decent, and were “my size.”  I say that loosely because – this was a new brand and every brand size is different than the next.  I figured they would be a bit long (because why wouldn’t they be) but hoped they would atleast fit around the middle.

And fit they did.  A bit long, but they would work.  Until I took a step, and realized that these jeans – were not going to be my best friend.

Not only was the length working against me – they waist was as well.  With every step I took, they shimmied down a bit more.  And since they were long, stepping on the bottoms was only increasing my problems.  But since they were cute, I decided to try and give them the benefit of the doubt and make them work.  I tried a belt.  Which for the record – is not ever going to happen again.  I tried string.  I tried ribbon.  I tried everything short of suspenders!

These jeans simply were not having any of it.  While they fit – the waist happens to be a size (or two really) too big, thus they wont stay up.  And since they are a bit loose everywhere else – well, I am constantly yanking them up or letting them ride somewhere between my waist and knees.

It really shouldn’t be this difficult – jean shopping.  But it is.  For me.  Atleast.

Either I need to grow up a few inches, or feet really – or I need to go back to my tried and true brand, and vow to never stray again.

Tell me – am I alone in this?

2 thoughts on “The Great Jean Saga of 2013

  1. RoSy says:

    It’s not always easy to find clothes that fit & are not too expensive. If I find something that fits perfectly & inexpensive – I try to get more than one or one of each color that I like.

    RoConfession: I got a couple of pairs of Pajama Jeans as a joke gift. Well – I wear them to go out & about – no joke. They are warm, comfy, & fit just right !

    1. CJ says:

      Whats that saying? If the jeans fit? 🙂

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