Im excited to bring you an interview today, from David Fancourt of Cycle Torque, a company based in Surrey, England. Cycle Torque is a business that continues to grow.

It is now a well established, custom bike building company located in southern England, but that doesn’t stop it from reaching customers around the world with its ability to ship pretty much anywhere in the world.

In this interview, David talks about cycling, challenges, and his new range of bicycles, which should be available this spring.

What is Cycle Torque?

We specialize in building lightweight carbon bicycles that are multipurpose. We call it “Hybridized” in that the full range of bicycles, on road and off-road, can also be used in a variety of environments.

For instance our urban rigid bike called “CT 700” comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, 27 gears, and a carbon XC fork making it off road capable. Our mountain bikes “CT 1.0”, “CT 26” and “CT 29” are multipurpose as they weigh as little as 10.6k (23.3lbs), they are geared higher than normal mountain bikes with a large 48t chain ring to help them go faster on the road. They also have a remote suspension lock out to stiffen the suspension and increase energy transfer on the road.


What got you started in cycling?

I cycled as a child then took a break for a while. A few years ago, a friend got me started on it again. It’s a good way to commute to work, and so I bought a bike and started back up that way.

Why Cycle Torque?

The more I rode and worked on bikes, the more involved I became with them. I developed preferences and I realized I wanted to build a bike of my own. What I wanted in a bike was something that no one else offered. There are three main things: Weight, riding position, and versatility. I wanted a multipurpose bike. I didn’t want to have to keep changing bikes for every ride: on road, off road etc. I wanted a light, versatile bike that went fast. Since no one offered this, I decided to build one myself.


What’s one of the most challenging aspects in building bicycles?

I would say getting the variety of components to work together. Customizing the ride position, steering and making sure it’s comfortable and useable. I like sharp steering; you don’t like sharp steering do you?

Interviewer: No.

How do you source your parts?

Half abroad, half UK based. China, Australia, Taiwan and Germany are probably my biggest foreign exporters.


How can you ensure the quality of your parts?

I buy my frames directly from a well known manufacturer in China who rigorously tests their frames. All frames and carbon parts are EN standards passed, and are fatigue quality controlled and tested for stiffness.

What advice do you have for someone just getting interested in bikes?

What kind of cycling would you be doing? Mostly I think I’d encourage them as biking is a great way to get about, it keeps you healthy and is lots of fun. You can learn a lot as well, working on your own bike. I would advice you to get a basic tool set – puncture repair kit, tire pump, a few allen keys – that will get you started. Also if you’re going to be working on your bike a lot, then a proper stand is a must.

Where would you like to see cycle torque in 5-10 years?

I would like to see it producing up to a dozen bikes a month, 10-12 bikes a month ideally. Short term? I see maybe 4-5 bikes. I’d like to see Cycle Torque expanding its range of bicycles as I have exciting ideas for another range of CT bikes and taking the Hybridized principle even further with even MORE versatile bikes!


What benefits do CT bikes have over any other bikes on the market?

Manufacturers in general make bikes for single applications they have mountain bikes, road bikes, they aren’t versatile. There are many great mountain bikes, and road bikes, but I am focusing on making bikes that are useful in both environments. I call it “Hybridized.” The bikes stand out in this regard and I keep the bikes free from big tacky brand stickers and opt only for discreet decals just to identify the bike for a clean, almost “stealth” look.

To learn more about cycle torque, the business, or the ever growing collection of new bicycles being offered, feel free to check out the websites listed below.


Thanks for letting us interview you, David!

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