Merry Christmas to all!

Here at “Tangled Thoughts” we are trying to sort out…well, our tangled thoughts. And with Christmas sneaking up on us, we’re trying to make it work over and across the sea, in both Alaska and England. Wow. What a task! This must be how Santa feels, going all international. Since Christina is busy in Alaska with making gumdrop candies, I decided to do a post from England.

I’ve been obsessed with details this year…probably not a good thing and certainly not a smart thing, but I’ve found that details can be fun too. Details like folding paper into shapes -so much fun. You can make your own bows out of leftover paper, make your own ornaments…and make bows for topping the Christmas gifts.  You could….do just about anything. 😀  I want to do a lot of DIY Christmas gifts and decorations this year, but will I have time? That is the question.

jd ornaments

My lil helper, helping distract me with the ornaments

Anyways, here are a few of the designs that I liked, and am attempting to do. The pictures are property of the original posts, and I have linked to them.


image and idea property of

Magazine Bows
These bows can be made out of old magazines  I don’t actually have any magazines hanging around, so I will have to see if I can find a bundle for cheap at a charity shop. I made these from scrapbook paper, just to see if they’d work though, and sure enough they turned out great. The magazines would look better though because magazine pages are printed on both sides.


Image and idea property of

Fabulous Folded Flowers

The flowers are made out of maps, which looks like a very nice idea. I used a paper shopping bag that had a blue butterfly on it. The first one is a bit tricky, but after that I found they came together very fast.  I’d love to see these as ornaments, or taped onto some painted silver sticks -pretty arrangement!


Image and idea property of

Stars Stars Stars
The original post is for fourth of July stars, but I think this can be adapted to Christmas as well. These stars even come with a diagram that can be printed and traced, or you could traced it right on the screen. Then simply cut, fold, and you have a star that can be used as an ornaments, or glue cardboard to the back and put a bunch of them together on a wreath form to make a star wreath. I imagine you could cut one of these out of cardboard possibly, especially if you are planning to keep it indoors. I made stars out of pretty scrap book card-stock paper, and cut an assortment of two different sizes.

These projects are best done with a cup of hot chocolate, or better yet, hot coffee -with whipped cream on top! My latest favorite drink. Just be sure not to have too much, you don’t really want the shakes while attempting to cut straight paper. And don’t forget your favorite Christmas tunes on- most anything Christmas by the London Symphony Orchestra is perfect!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Project: Folded Paper Decorations

  1. CJ says:

    YAY! You did a post! No wonder you’ve been busy…I should try those magazine bows here….you know how we have BOXES of magazines dating back to the 1900s…wait, did they have magazines then? Either way….cool! And YAY for a post!

  2. RoSy says:

    Pretty cool. I think I will try the flowers too. I don’t have magazines – but – I have newspaper, mail catalogs & brown paper bags.

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