I think this time of year might be my favorite.  And not because of the cold and snow.  I could do without that.  Probably not even for the reasons you would think.  This time of year the Christmas Cactus blooms – and if theres one thing I like love to take pictures of, its flowers.


There is a funny story behind how this cactus came to be.


A few years ago we had this customer who was always…attempting to pay her bill in weird random ways.  One afternoon we came back to discover a rug in our office with a note – alternating every letter with a different color.  The only problem was the door was locked – and she said no one let her in.


Another time she offered her car as payment.  And finally…this plant.


I believe it was the last straw – this funny cactus in a weird planter.  Since her character was questionable already, mom worried that there was more than a cactus growing in the planter – and the frustration of not being paid in REAL money – the cactus was thrown in the garbage.


Until a few days later – we took pity on the plant.  It wasnt the PLANTS fault after all, and decided to see what would come of this weird looking cactus.  It wasnt much longer – did it first bloom.  And ever since it has held its own on the counter of important things – the coffee pot, espresso maker, coffee beans…and Christmas cactus.


A few days before mom left to see Amanda she pointed out the little tiny buds popping out on the leaves.  I smiled, nodded, and moved about my business.  And then last week – these little buds started turning into bright red blossoms.


Mom joked I was taking good care of it, and I confessed the only caring I was doing was forgetting to water it.  Which is apparently just the way it likes it.

One thought on “The cactus that almost wasnt…

  1. RoSy says:

    That’s quite a story for a cactus plant! 🙂

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