I like to have things planned out in my mind before I do them.  This isnt saying I always do, but I like to have a game plan in my mind before doing anything, especially if its something I havent ever done before.  This is my first year voting – the days leading up I tried to plan it out in my mind, just how it would go.  I looked at sample ballets, ran multiple searches on “How to vote” and even tried to map out in my mind just how it would happen.  But I couldnt get past the little booths – what HAPPENED behind those red white and blue striped sheets?  In those little booths where only legs were seen?  Just you and the candidates?  Alone?  In a booth?  What if someone peeked in?  Were you not suppose to show?  What if the cops showed up – and asked what I was doing?  What if the ballet came to LIFE?  And then there was the issue that the ballet itself – looked an awful lot like a test.  And if there is one thing I am TERRIBLE at – its tests.

“Its simple” they told me “You just fill in the little circles” but filling in the circles are the tests that I fail on the most.  I always fill the WRONG circle.

But tonight – the Fam walked in to vote.  I signed my name, took my ballet, and headed off to the little booth with the dreaded sheet.

Mom on one side, dad on the other.  I opened the folder, located the pen, and filled those circles.  Smiling to myself.  I looked down and noticed mom and dad were still in their booths.  Thinking maybe I missed something I rechecked my answers.  And looked again.  Dad was gone but mom was still there.  I refilled my circles, double checked the back and mom was still there.  I reread the entire thing.  Panicked a moment when I thought I filled the WRONG circle and mom was still there.

A few minutes after I emerged – mom came out.  I teased her about getting lost and off we went.

Sure – The election was over before our votes were even counted.  But today I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to vote.

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