This afternoon in between a lengthy rant on our favorite tv show and discussing people of our past – Amanda informed me that I never posted her “Favorite things” from Etsy.  Apparently, a few months ago I made a comment about starting a “Here are my favorite things from the week” post – and she ran (in a different direction) with it.

And then thought it was my job to post it for her.  I guess she is incapable ATM – or in her words “I found it.  You post it!” 🙂

The only thing that came to mind when she said it was the song “My favorite things” and since she LOVES her some musicals – I will indulgent her by posting the song as well.  (You can thank me later, Capn)

And just because I can hear her saying it: If you want to see more of Capn’s Favorite things, you can always hit her up on her ETSY.

(I have no idea why there is a chicken in her favorites.)

2 thoughts on “Favorite Things

  1. RoSy says:

    I like that everything is in RED! 🙂

    1. Capn Manda says:

      Yes, me too! Fall can be such a bleak time of year, but I’m determined to look for the bright bits of color that stand out. Happy Fall day to you!

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