Today I am thankful for the cold weather.

I normally hate cold weather, and I still do.  I just am thankful for it because it means its easier to get rid of the pesky little rats hanging out here.  They only stay where there is water – and since it is frozen outside, they are venturing out further and finally starting to run into our traps.

Plus cold weather means crunching ice puddles:

“The sound of barely frozen puddles cracking when you step on them.” – Neil Pasricha

Crisp breezes chip at your cheeks as you shiver and slide to school. Blades of grass are stiff with frosted dew on their tips, your breath puffs in cold clouds in front of you, and little puddles on the sidewalk get that thin film of ice across the tops, just waiting for you to do what you gotta do.

Yes, when you’re slip-shuffling half asleep, buried under your backpack, there’s just something sweet about stomping those frozen puddles and filling the still and quiet walk with a nice crisp CRACK.

After you do the deed, you trudge on against the biting wind with an extra spring in your step and twinkle in your eye, because came across the frozen puddle first and you busted it up good.

Let’s face it: that crack is so permanent, so satisfying, and so completely


One thought on “Thankful: 1

  1. RoSy says:

    If you put it that way & the nasty pesky buggers are gone – I’ll smile at the cold weather 🙂
    Happy Friday!

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