I was originally planning on doing “Seven days” of sky here, but then a majority of them were like this and I sort of gave up on that idea.

(two different days, I promise)

Then I decided to look for the “Blue sky” moments in the day

(When they say dont look directly at the sun, Im guessing they mean not through the camera either.)

I felt like I owed an explanation for this one.  The moon, has always taunted me.  Whenever I see a full moon, or a bigger than usual moon I want to run out and get a picture, of course, it only leads to me being frustrated and mad.  Last night was an awesome moon here, and when I was heading to bed I realized it was lighter outside than normal – thanks to the moon.  I decided to peek out the window upstairs and get a picture (after a few attempts at flashing the neighbors) I ended up with this shot.


See it there?  See the moon?  🙂

This is what today looks like.  Awesomeness in the sky!

Once again, heres to a better week behind the camera!

4 thoughts on “You Capture: Sky

  1. Stillmary says:

    You worked hard on this challenge and it shows! 🙂 Even the first two – so alike and kind of mundane – are hard to capture with all the subtle variations. I love the beautiful blue sky and white cloud pics that came next and your valiant attempt to get the moon – which you did.
    Finally the many clouds on the lovely blue background provided the best shot of all.

  2. Jenny says:

    Those first pictures looked like the sky in my neighborhood this week! I love that light blue of the sunny days! And that moon is sneaky…but I’m concerned about the aliens! haha! 🙂


  3. Teresa says:

    This is a great variety of skies! I think my favorite is the wispy clouds of the last picture.

  4. Aliens! That got me laughing!

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