I have always had this weird fear of the condiment stand at the taco shop.  Something about it has always intimidated me beyond belief.

No matter how hard I try, I always spill stuff all over myself, the stand, the counter, and pretty much anyone/thing withing a five mile radius.

All this combined with the angry mobs of people in line behind me waiting for ME to finish, and its safe to say that the condiment stand is my least favorite place to “Hang out.”

But since its a favorite place to eat in my family, and its near impossible to eat a taco without something from the condiment stand, I often find myself making a complicated mess out of a simple container of salsa.  Seriously, why cant they just offer to put it on the taco FOR me?

There I stood, awkwardly trying to extract some salsa and olives from the stand when I heard a voice from behind…

I did what anyone in my position would have done and turned to see if she was talking to me – fearing something was wrong with MY eye!

Instead I turned to see a man, and a woman.

“Didnt you hear?” The man started…”They took my eye!”

And with that, the man reach for his eye and flicked it from his socket.

The man laughed, the woman let out a shriek and the eye rolled around by itself…unattended, keeping an eye on itself.  The condiments and I stood frozen in place.

I took my tacos and hurried out while the two-eyed woman gave the one-eyed man a lecture on taking his eye out, in public.

As for me?  It just cemented in my mind why I hate the condiment stand.  And it also explains why I only got 1/2 a cup of olives.

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