A long time ago…a little trillian was born.  It didnt mean much to me at the time, I was busy with other things.  But I did pause long enough to atleast acknowledge her existence.

Over time, she grew and grew.  I, however.  Stopped growing.  Eventually, I was outgrown.

Then came the awkward age where the kid became bigger and taller than I was.  And had no fear showing off.  Its amazing I was not crushed beneath the hugs at times.

Eventually, however, this stage too was outgrown.  And one day, this trillian drove off in a car!

Then the trillian said something that was hilarious!  Baby made a joke!

It was the funniest thing I had heard in a long time!  But apparently, it wasnt a joke!

So my mind tried to come up with ways this was possible!

And then it hit me…she was CLEARLY a crazy smart genius who was just graduating ahead of her time, by say…ten years or so!

It wasnt until a few hours later, when the mathematical equation I had sent in for evaluation came back, did I realize…she was actually 18.  And I?

Must be really, super, old.

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