6 weeks.

9 posts.

Thousands of pictures.

One word to sum this trip up?  Short.

Already I am leaving.  Tomorrow I board a plane that, if all goes as planned, will leave me sleeping in my bed tomorrow night.

Im going to miss all this, but I say that everytime.  I hate traveling – only because I hate leaving.  I dont WANT to go home.  This feels like home, and yet, Im leaving this, and going there.  Stupid distance and money, I wish I could stay forever.  Having the best of both worlds as my world.  But until then…

I will miss you guys!!

I will miss this place.

I will miss these eyes.

Hard to say really, what I will be missing the most…but pretty sure I will miss it all.

Saying good-bye sucks, so I wont say good-bye, it seems so final, so ending.  Instead I think I will simply say “See you later.”

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