I got to talk via webcam/microphone to Amanda the other day.  During the conversation she turned the webcam on to Judah.  And that was it.  The conversation went from more sophisticated topics such as dinner choices and customers to baby talk and babble.  Of course there was a bunch “Awwwing” going on too.   He just lay there trying to smile as if saying “Yep.  Im cute.  I know.”  I also got permission to post pictures of the little guy on here!

Introducing…Baby JD!  Or, you know, Judah!!!

Im not biased or anything, but I think hes the cutest nephew….EVER!

Also?  Over the course of the 20 minutes I saw him, I am almost POSITIVE he got bigger, and cuter.  If thats even possible!  Cant wait to meet him in person!!

(I guess I will stop staring at the pictures and post this now!  Your welcome.)

One thought on “Awww!!

  1. A Manda + Judah says:

    He IS the cutest nephew eva! YAY! That photo collection is the cutest thing! Well….not as cute as him in person tho. Best post ever. 😀

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