I have a secret to tell you all.  But first you must promise not to tell anyone.  Promise?  Ok then.

Last night my person asked me to do a photo shoot with her.  At first I was like “All right, sure, Im down for that dog!” plus she gave me these horns…great things to chew on…

But then I realized she had other plans for both me and the horns.  I quickly change my mind – I mean, what was she thinking?  That Im willing to sacrifice my dignity as a dog and dress up as a cat AND wear horns?!

Oh!  The humility!

But I rose above the challenge (or atleast raised my paws above it!) and took those horns off.  Take THAT you horns!  Im going to RRRRRRRRRRRRRip you to PIECES!  Atop my head you shall sit no longer!

The shame was great to bear.  Please!  Dont look my way!!  (Psst…are the horns up there still?  I cant see.)

Fine.  Take the picture.  Make it quick.

What?  What did you call me?  A LITTLE LADY?  I am anything BUT!

You all crack me up!  Im not a cat, or a devil, or a little lady!  Im a puppy!  A silly little puppy who isnt so little!  Take THAT!

(You promised not to tell anyone, right?  ‘Cause its a secret.  Im an UNDERCOVER pup!!)

3 thoughts on “Guest Poster: Yoshi

  1. A Manda says:

    AWWWWWWW! HOW did I not comment on this already?? Cute stuff!!

  2. A Manda says:

    p.s. Is that how you spell her name Yo’shi? Not Yoshi? *curious*

    1. CJ says:

      No its Yoshi. I just like to call her “Yo. She.” lol so Yo’shi comes from that :p

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