Was it just me or did anyone else look back on the last “Happy” You Capture?  So much changes in such a short time.  Just me?  Ok.  Moving on.

The past few days have been sunny – which always makes one happy.  I think.  Doesn’t it?  Well, I hear that its in the three digits some places and that those people arent too happy.  Here?  We have gotten maybe a week total of sun this year.  I mean, actual good sun.  Like the kind that makes it nice and warm when you step outside.  I think I have only slept with the fan on once this year.  Yea.  Its been kind of a cold year.  But there has to be hope.  Summer is NOT over yet despite what I have been reading about Summer coming to an end and Christmas shopping.  CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!  Don’t even get me started, that does NOT make me happy!

Moving on to happy things.

Because of the weather – I have spent some time at one of my favorite places

Dont think I will ever get tired of this view.

What you thought I was relaxing?

She still thinks she can fly – silly dog.  She misjudged a rocks distance and ended up going for her first swim.  Needless to say shes not sure what to think of the water anymore!  She thinks she can fly, but doesnt know about swimming!

Puppy friend smooches!

Good dogs make me happy!

I feel like one of those crazy people who only take pictures of their dogs lately.  Oh wait, I am.

After beach snack.  Shes taken to using Slim as her personal seat!

What do you mean I shouldnt eat onions?

Friends are the best.

And in other happy news…Amanda and David will be here in…six Five days!  Not that Im counting or anything!

4 thoughts on “You Capture: Happiness

  1. Carrie says:

    Oh I’m sure that view would make me happy too!!! How beautiful! It’s funny that it’s so chilly there and so hot here in Texas. It would be nice if we could switch weather for a couple of weeks. 🙂

    1. CJ says:

      I wouldnt argue 🙂

  2. Jenny Hull says:

    The water makes me happy, too!

  3. Amy says:

    Beautiful photos. Love the view!

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