Yesterday I had a long rant written up about why I haven written anything (which is because Ive had nothing TO write about, obviously) and why I havent taken any pictures (hello, Lazy.) Today I woke up to the sun already coming in the windows that had been left open all night. I really didn’t want to get up. Infact, I would have been perfectly content to lay in bed all day. Except that the cat was sitting beside me, purring loudly and getting dangerously close to my face with her claws.

It’s a beautiful day – and I have no reason to complain. Not one. Isnt that just somewhat amazing?

I mean – I havent had any reason to complain these past few weeks (maybe thus the absence? I hope not. Eeks!)

These past few weeks have been incredibly busy with the shop. I mean Summer Time busy, phone ringing people walking in and out, parts to be gotten every ten minutes…and I chose that time to go on a freezing binge, freezing everything within site, thus making myself EXTRA busy. Why I choose to do that to myself? I don’t know! Anyways…busy…back to busy.

You see, the thing is pretty much this.

The past few weeks I have been going over something. Trying to make a decision. I had the opportunity to go to Mexico again on another missions trip, and while I really REALLY wanted to…I had to say no. It just wasn’t going to work. And then I felt bad. Like somehow I was putting myself above God – because what if He wanted me to go? And then I felt bad again, because maybe it was just me wanting to go to Mexico again. I wasn’t sure. All I know is that I could not get the stupid application filled out, and when it came down to it – I had to give a yes or a no, and I couldn’t give a yes. And so I said no. And felt a GREAT relief. Silly, I know.

Heres the deal – we are trying to get our whole family to meet up in China in July. By whole family I mean mom, dad, and I meeting David and Amanda in China in July. That’s been sort of a wow factor in and of itself. But it seems that securing tickets and visas is only the beginning. There are other things that need to be taken care of too. Things my little mind doesn’t even WANT to think up!!

So that’s been occupying the other portion of my brain.

And then – well, up until just a few weeks ago – things here have been tight. Like no money to pay the bills tight. That sort of thing, and so when things started to loosen up a bit (like they always do) we were a wee bit behind on bills, thus stressing my mind to the max as I attempted to understand how we were going to get to China if I couldn’t even make the shop payment.

But the really awesome thing is God ALAWYS provides. It seems like its always at the last minute, but He never fails us. Not once. Mom says to look back over the years and see, but some reason when Im in the thick of things, seeing the past doesn’t help me very much. Im sort of like – yea ok that was ten years ago. WHAT ABOUT TODAY? Sort of person. But He never fails, and I know this, I just have to relearn it over and over it seems.

So that’s where Ive been. Learning and relearning. Stressing and planning. Freaking and laughing.

But Ive missed you guys! Really I have. Ive missed writing, and reading what people say back. Ive missed reading what other people have to say – Ive missed it all! So Im back. Again. I hope.

And also? Im sorry – Ive got no pictures to share.

Hopefully? That will change soon tho! Because now that THIS is out, I can start writing about other things, much more important things! Like…the price of tea in China. Just kidding. Mostly.

So how is everyone?

Or more importantly – how are YOU?

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