“Here he comes!”

Dad LOVES that show.  That one about the gold rush up north?  He loves to watch it, I dont know why really…I will say it isnt as boring as some of the things he likes…but still…

Dad was suppose to be working on the brakes of this backhoe … this afternoon, I woke up to see him driving it down the road to our house…when mom and I left for town, it appeared he was stuck.  When we got home, he SAID he was stuck…which isnt good!!

Finally after a few hours (and a broken sewer pipe) later he got it out!

We think he was digging for gold…

No puns intended!!

He *Said* he was trying to get a stump out of the way…I wonder if he got it.

Feel free to overlook the quality of the pictures!

One thought on “Alaska Gold Rush…

  1. Colleen says:

    He hit a sewer line…eewwwww! That’s some black gold nobody wants to find!

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