Some things you just cant explain.  And today might just be one of those days.

I mean, how am I suppose to explain that this morning we had to take our dog to the vet because she ripped her toenail off?  And on our way out the door there was a duck.  Who stayed in our bathroom when we went to the vet.  And on the way there, the car slid and we slammed into a guard rail?  And this morning was filled with odd smells – like duck droppings, and cat messes because mom has a stray cat shes been trying to get in and now that shes in we cant get it out.  And we have guests coming in a few weeks – and Amanda is getting married in…21 days (no pressure on the camera front) and its snowing, and cold and we just got our heater fixed and I am so tired.

But I have hundreds of things to do, and paper work to file, and phone calls to make and emails to fire, and I am still trying to squeeze in photography, and writing, and trying to remember my lesson from a five year old who apparently never had to file taxes at the end of the year!!!

I mean, who has ever had a dog that ripped their toe nail out?  Just…ripped it out!  Chewed it out.  Pulled it off.  And how many times do you run out the door and see a DUCK??

(and just as a side funny note: We took the cat to the vet, the dog to the vet and Im trying to get a hold of the vet for dad.  No not THAT vet!  The veterans. 🙂 )

But we are all, surprisingly, knock on wood, in good spirits today.

Now HOW am I suppose to explain all that?

Happy New Year, everyone.

{Duck was, thankfully, happily reunited with his owner – who thought he was dead, having been hauled off by dogs yesterday.}

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One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. sarah says:

    Happy New Year. Cute picture of the duck.

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