Now that Christmas is officially over, its time to start panicking preparing for the next upcoming event…Amandas wedding.

But first, a little Christmas blurb/funny.

After exchanging the first round of presents, Amanda and I opened each others.  Upon first glace, I squealed.  The “Creative aperture kit”.  But after looking a little deeper I realized that it was for a special lens and a previous conversation flooded back to me.  The one where I showed Amanda the website, Lensbaby.  The one where together we drooled over the different lenses and gulped at the prices.  “Well…” she said “It was the cheapest thing on there!” and I had to agree.  Atleast she hadn’t spent $200 on a lens I really didn’t know what to do with.  Hey.  Maybe I could trace the shapes and make them work!  I was still excited about them.

A few presents later, and she handed me the final one from her.  And inside…was a new lensbaby lens!!!!!!

The composer, to be exact.
She apparently found one on Ebay for ½ the price.  Color me impressed and SO HAPPY!!!!!

The only problem I have discovered is that with Nikon – this lens only works in the “Manual” mode, a mode that quite honestly scares me and I havent even ventured into.  Having read that it is infact, the most difficult mode to work with.

However, this new lens has inspired me.

I WANT to work it.  I want to use it.  Im GOING to learn it!!!

Plus the little bookeh shape makers, help a little too.  They are SO VERY AWESOME!

I still cant get the heart to work (what is it about that??) but the star works so cool like!

I only have a hundred and one things running around in my mind now, ½ of which are camera related.

Anyone else ever worked with this?  Any advice??  We (nik and I) are open!

Too fun!!

One thought on “Yay!!

  1. photobyholly says:

    I’ve never used a Lensbaby, but I’ve seen what they can do, and they’re so neat!! Congrats on getting one!! I just got a new lens for my Nikon for Christmas (50mm, f1.8), and it only works in manual focus, so I’m a little nervous about it as well – but, like you, determined to learn!!! Great photo you have here!!!

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