If you didn’t notice, I took a short break. I needed it I think. I needed time to focus and refocus on something that has become distant in my life, and needed to be brought back to the front lines, where it…HE belongs. Ive been guilty of idolatry. In many things. Ive been “Too busy” to realize this, and so I did. I stopped what I was doing to put HIM back in my life, where HE rightfully belongs – FIRST.

First off, I took the break to focus on some scripture memory. Thus the daily verse.

Secondly I had so many things in my mind it was making it cloudy to actually see and focus. I was trying to do too many things at the same time, and had to put some things on hold while I figured things out. Ive been trying to memorize scripture, memorize things for my driving test, and memorize things camera related. All while trying to do day to day things with the business, being caught up in emotions with things going on, and well…quite frankly, I wasn’t giving my whole to any one thing.

So I had to stop. And step back. And just breath. And regroup. Refocus.

Do you know how hard that was? Honestly? I didn’t know it would be so difficult. My stats took a hit – and a few times I thought about going back in. So many photo contests I wanted to participate in, I had the perfect pictures. But I couldn’t. I needed this. This blog isn’t suppose to be about me, and that’s what it has turned into. Me. Me. Me. All me. All mine. Arg.

No wonder I have been feeling down. Duh.

It seems so obvious, and yet, I couldn’t see it. Or didn’t want to see it. I cant please myself. Or others. I cant please everyone. I just cant do that. I cant. And if I can, its only for a moment. Temporary.

A few Sundays ago, I was really convicted, with another sermon. “Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God” See it up there? My new tag line? Yes. That is to remind me. That whatever I do, everything, all things, THIS BLOG, is NOT for me and my glory…but for God. That’s what it was suppose to be, and I have been SO guilty of turning the tables.

And reaping the consequences. I don’t want it for me. I don’t want to live for me. It doesn’t work. Ive tried it…so many many times, and yet I fail to remember. I fail to remember that the reason I am ABLE to do ANYTHING is because of HIM.

For HIS glory. For HIM.

Not me.


And the moment I start to raise myself up…is the moment I need to be reminded. Again and again and again.

Its not about me. Its not for me.

ALL is for HIS glory.

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