Yesterday we headed off for town to try and get some pictures of Amanda and David.  Without getting the classical “Engagement” shots – you know the type.  My dad used to be a photographer (in highschool) but I have never really ventured too far to ask him for help/advice.  But yesterday was very nice.  He was there giving pointers, pointing out new angles and ideas.  To be honest, it was very fun!

It was the first time I actually shot in a mode other than automatic, so I was pretty happy.  Heres a few favorites because I cant resist!

Trying out different positions…

But then they complained about being cold.  And Davids pizza was in the car – getting equally cold, so we moved on…

To a place some might not have agreed upon.

…other places were too cold…

We ended up at the beach.

Where they found this.  And forgot all about pictures.

Well, not entirely.  They posed.  With this.

And then tried to eat it…

But none of those were going to make good pictures for announcements!

They recovered fairly well, and we tried out a new pose that I thought would be fun.

I told them to put their backs to each other, cross their arms and…”Look Posh.”  I got this.

Either we need to work on “Posh” looks or “Posh” wasnt the word I was looking for.

It only resulted in this…

That took a little longer to recover from!

But we moved on…

I think these are my favorites:

For this one I told them to do the same pose, only sitting down – and had David look “Past the camera” with a more serious look on, while Amanda looked fondly at him.  I thought its was cute.

We moved on towards the water…

Got a little crooked with the horizon…

Another of my favorites:

I thought that position was really working for them, plus they were more relaxed having something to do and it wasnt your classic pose.

We watched the sun go down…

Then I got an idea…that took a bit of perfecting, because some were a little “Stiff” and unsure on the wet rocks…

I think this was my favorite from the whole shoot…

Good bye awesome sun!

Kind of picture heavy, but I couldnt pick with ones to take out 🙂  Now I just need to get over my fear of taking their wedding pictures.  Help!!

One thought on “Engagement shoot

  1. sarah says:

    So cute! They look so in love. 🙂

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