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A little heavy on the picture front this week.  Just to make up for last week 🙂  It seems almost as if we have spent the whole week in town – between walking in town, biking to and from town…well…yea.  It made for some good pictures tho!!

Trying out for the circus:

Jennie B and friends:

Can you see us?

Sunny moments:

Part of the dock – can you see her?:

Feeding time:

Dark skies:

Splash of color:

C&C – Color and Candy:


I ❤ London:


Color in the sky:

I couldnt help but post all of these.  People give us a hard time about the office being “Too warm” well now we have an excuse – have to keep the cactus happy!!  I dont think it has ever had blooms, atleast not that I remember.  They are SO pretty I couldnt help but have more than one photo shoot with them.  The only thing that really could have been better would have been water drops.

Its a bird, its a bloom, its a flower:

*For those of you who are new, or still confused – the pictures are of my sister and her friend, David*

5 thoughts on “Weekly Winners: 11-07 – 11-13

  1. Denise says:

    LOVE that first shot. And that flower at the end is amazing.

  2. Texan Mama says:

    They are all wonderful!!! How do you get the shots of the both of you? Or, is someone else taking the photos??? I’m dense.

    The cactus flower pictures are wonderful.

    1. CJ says:

      Thats my sister and her friend 🙂 I was taking the picture(s) 🙂

  3. sarah says:

    Gorgeous photos! I love them all.

  4. pieces of me says:

    lovely day and lovely light in these shots. looks like you had a great day

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