Weekly Winners: 11-07 – 11-13

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A little heavy on the picture front this week.  Just to make up for last week 🙂  It seems almost as if we have spent the whole week in town – between walking in town, biking to and from town…well…yea.  It made for some good pictures tho!!

Trying out for the circus:

Jennie B and friends:

Can you see us?

Sunny moments:

Part of the dock – can you see her?:

Feeding time:

Dark skies:

Splash of color:

C&C – Color and Candy:


I ❤ London:


Color in the sky:

I couldnt help but post all of these.  People give us a hard time about the office being “Too warm” well now we have an excuse – have to keep the cactus happy!!  I dont think it has ever had blooms, atleast not that I remember.  They are SO pretty I couldnt help but have more than one photo shoot with them.  The only thing that really could have been better would have been water drops.

Its a bird, its a bloom, its a flower:

*For those of you who are new, or still confused – the pictures are of my sister and her friend, David*

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