Ive heard somewhere before, that a good bribe for taking someones picture is, candy.

David likes to give Amanda and I a hard time about our “Candy addiction” apparently, he says, in every country we have been to – we go out of our way to find our “Candy” of choice – or something like that.  Usually we go for gummy worms, or something of the like.  It really should have been no surprise to him that when we saw a big bag of war heads on the sale rack, we jumped them.  Normally priced at $6 we got them for under $2.  We also like a good deal.

When we got home, David was teasing about putting more than one in his mouth – he has a love/hate relationship with them as well.  Being the good friend that I am, encouraged him, to do so.  To see how many he could get in at once – I would take pictures.

And he did.

He put three in at once.  While I laughed, and took pictures – I know, nice of me isnt it?  Teach him to tease me about gummy worms again!!  🙂

His famous last words?  “Im going to regret doing this”

Not bad…not bad at all…

OK, maybe it is…

Im sorry, but I can only laugh at this one:

Is it just me, or does he resemble the “War head man” in these next two?



“My throat felt swollen it was so sour”

Its probably a good thing Amanda wasnt there watching.  She might not have been impressed 🙂

Thanks for the photo opp David – next time lets try four!

One thought on “Photo Story Friday:Extreme Sour

  1. sarah says:

    Ha ha! I love those things. Yummy!

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