I almost didnt post these, because I am just…tired, and it took so long to get them uploaded!  Something about a 12 mile bike ride day before yesterday, and a 20 mile ride yesterday – staying up until the wee hours…and getting up at the regular time…yea.  Im.  Tired.

I had to do a little thinking on the word “Serene” and eventually asked Amanda for the meaning.  Peaceful, is what she told me.  And so I went with it.  It seemed sort of difficult, to capture…

Town is really quiet this time of year.  Not so peaceful.  But quiet.  Biking to town is fun, but again…not too peaceful…

But the water looked so peaceful, it has that way about it.  Away from the busyness of life.  Away from the people and the noise.

And this one…I had to use too.  The classical “Tourist” picture…only without the tourist, and with snow on the mountains.  It seemed to fit.

9 thoughts on “You Capture: Serene

  1. Oh I love the water pictures. My dream vacation is to visit Alaska someday!

  2. Carrie says:

    I love that third shot! We worked up in Kenai for a few months and took the ferry back to the lower-48 when it was time go head home. One of our stops was Ketchikan, so I find it really fun to hear from someone who actually lives there!

  3. sarah says:

    Gosh these are amazing. So glad you posted them.

  4. Nicolasa says:

    Gorgeous pictures! Water is so calming! I want to sit on that dock!

  5. AndMilesToGo says:

    what gorgeous photos. Very serene.

  6. Zoe says:

    Lovely photos! The water is so empty and calm, very serene.

  7. Mary H says:

    I love all your photos but the first one really really says serene to me. I love the light and the quiet, still water! Beautiful!

  8. Beautiful! I wish I lived near the water, and these shots capture exactly WHY. 🙂

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